Tabs and Slots

I started with creating the base plate (well, first of all I pushed the wing construction aside):


As you can see the base plate was allready divided into sections which can be puzzled together. Each of the parts fits onto an A4 sheet.

I realized the „tab coding“ by simply giving each foot a tab of different length on one side. To show you this, I lifted the foots a bit:

Coded Tabs

From now on every rib has its unique position. I took the idea one step further. I would like to have everything stable and the hands free for mounting the spars. „To work with reasonable control“ as Leif would put it. So I added a lateral spar, some kind of comb to keep the ribs level and perpendicular.

Have a look:


These were also „tab coded“ and the long one was split into pieces that fit onto A4:



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